Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Ring A Week Project

It seems like the perfect time for a new project! The buds are blooming, it's the beginning of the month, and I definitely feel like I need a bit of a reboot.

Between now (the first week of May) and the Eastside Culture Crawl in November, I will be creating a Ring a Week, along with some other jewellery artists in my studio building. They are: Patsy Kay Kolesar, Heather Matwe, Linda Read, and Jessica Taylor.

There are just a few simple rules to follow, which include: Making a different ring each week, and it can be made from any material, not just metal. If it goes around the finger, then it's a ring!

I am excited to get re-acquainted with my life time supply of non-metal materials, as well as using up bits & pieces around the studio.

My first ring is inspired by the season, and I didn't really want to use metal for this one. After an early affair in life with embroidery floss, my love of beads swooped in, and I have to say I have simply ignored them since discovering metal. Well, helloooo old friends! It felt good to spend some time with them again, and I created this:

It's my "Tie One On" Ring.....Yes, enjoy a glass while you wear it, I won't judge. I think it would go perfectly with a crisp glass of white wine while you sink your toes into the lush green grass on a sunny afternoon.

Or you could ask a friend to tie it on for you, or simply tie it up with a bow yourself, and slip it on. I used ribbon, so there's a bit of give to it to slip over your finger.

I hope you'll follow along over the next while! At the end of it all, every ring will be for sale at the Culture Crawl in the Fall, so make sure you come by to see the full collection of everyone's work!

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